An Interview with Lydie Cerantola-Eid

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Tell us about your journey! What led you to publishing Expanded Numerology?  

I keep on seeing people asking questions about recurring times or number sequences that they keep on seeing everywhere. That was me 20 years ago, and the guidance from the Angel Numbers led me nowhere.  

Answers came through 3 years ago when I was doing the research that led to the Game Changer card deck.  

It dawned on me that that what was obvious to me needed more explanations for the public to get their answers…. The ‘juice’ isn’t only in the guidance provided but, in the structure, and the way to look at concepts. It took me over a year to clearly explain my notes in a way that is accessible to anyone.  

The Expanded Numerology eBook is both the guidance everyone needs and an expansion pack for the mind. 

What are you most proud of?

Oh, definitely writing Expanded Numerology to help the numerous people who can’t find the answers they seek through the Angel Numbers and then for it to hit bestseller!  

Also, creating the Game Changer card deck to help people to remain sane and cope with everyday life, whether or not they’re living with chronic conditions. 

What do you help your clients with? 

Instant clarity with clear guidance! Instinctively simple and intuitive self-help with Expanded Numerology. 

For the next level, I facilitate rapid breakthrough sessions, for people to enjoy a life upgrade with peace of mind and additional soft skills to handle life’s curve balls.  

Give us a gold nugget of wisdom!  

“The human spirit strengthens when confronted with adversity; at some point you have to BE and REMAIN pissed off – that will be your turning point. Progress isn’t a straight line but simmering exasperation will give you the drive, focus and energy you need to go forward and move the obstacles in your way, no matter how daunting they have been.” Keep on looking for answers, and leave no stone unturned; become what you seek if you can’t find help – time doesn’t matter.  

What mistakes to people make when they’re trying to up-level their life?

Doing the hard yards all by themselves, as if it’s going to get them bonus points. This ranges from overestimating the time it’ll take, underestimating the money needed, shriveling and neglecting to build or grow their support network. 

When you feel like hiding from the world because everything is so much harder than you think, the biggest mistake is to keep on thinking you can get out of there without a helping hand. The point of this experience is to show you kindness does exist and you have to be strong enough to let it in – after evaluating if there are strings attached and how far the current help will get you. It’s a process, you know. You grow with one person, then someone else is what you need for the next stretch of the journey; trust you will know when you need to let go so the right person can appear. 

How do you plan on further growing your business? 

I’m so excited to be preparing a course and building an app so people can go further with their personal growth in a way that is rapid!  

Where can the readers find you?  

Facebook page  

Instagram @thegamechangerhelp