Amy Wees, San Antonio Entrepreneur Auditions “Litter Box Cleaning Invention” On Shark Tank

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San Antonio entrepreneur, Amy Wees, was recently invited to audition for Shark Tank with her new invention to clean the cat litter box, SiftEase. The San Antonio auditions were held July 15th, 2018 in front of shark tank casting directors at the Convention Center.

Wees launched her pet retail business, Clean Litter Club, last year after coming up with a solution to solve her stinky litter box problem. She spent a year developing prototypes and ensuring that her solution worked.

This audition was not Amy’s first go at Shark Tank. In June of 2017, early in the invention process, Amy was eager to share her idea with the Sharks. She bought tickets to fly to Los Angeles to wait in the long lines at an open casting call, hoping to get a chance to pitch. However, being a big fan of the show and studying many episodes of the entrepreneurs who got deals, Amy realized she wasn’t far enough along in the process and needed first to grow her brand and get some initial sales before applying to the show.

Fast forward one year later, and Clean Litter Club has a few great products on the market, and SiftEase is ready for manufacturing and launch. Amy’s friend tagged her in the Facebook post about the July 15th, Shark Tank casting call in San Antonio. The event was in just two days, but Amy applied anyway, hoping to be accepted to audition now that SiftEase was patent pending and her
brand Clean Litter Club had product sales and a following.

The pitch went well as Amy highlighted the benefits of SiftEase eliminating litter box odors, cleaning the litter box fast and mess-free, and allowing the litter to be used over and over again, saving customers time and money. Amy is waiting to hear from Shark Tank about being flown to Los Angeles to pitch the Sharks. In the meantime, Clean Litter Club is continuing to grow and develop more great products for the home and pets.

The audition was a great opportunity to pitch her brand and invention and network with other inventors and entrepreneurs. She hopes to get a chance to be on Season 18, but if not, she’s excited to bring a great product to the market that solves a real problem for cat lovers with a stinky litter box to clean.

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