America’s Youth Speaker, Mike Marino Launches A New Campaign To Encourage College Students To Pursue Entrepreneurship

While unemployment has dropped in recent months, job prospects for college graduates still seem bleak. The United States economy continues to sputter along, but that doesn’t matter according to Mike Marino, a junior in college who is teaching other students about entrepreneurship. “There are opportunities everywhere if you have the knowledge, mentors and desire to take action”, said Marino.

In his new book, Campus-Preneur, Marino outlines the path he took that transformed his life from a suicidal teenager with no hope for the future into one of the hottest youth speakers in America today. A recent article on CBS Money Watch stated that 73% of college seniors were looking for work, while 46% of graduates in the past two years say they are underemployed and working in jobs that do not require their college degrees. “Too many college students struggle,” said Marino. “They see college as a place to struggle financially and often feel like they are just scraping by to even eat. I am living proof that today’s college students don’t have to struggle. If a student wants to achieve more than survive, my book shows them the road map.”

A quick glance into Marino’s past reveals an epic struggle of drug abuse, rebellion and even suicide attempts. His life turned around when he realized that other teens and young adults were going through the same hardship he endured. After losing numerous friends to murder, suicide and accidents, Mike decided to take a stand.

Today Marino spends his time developing his business and speaking to colleges, churches and even businesses about how to make great choices, getting the spark of entrepreneurship and even launching their own business. “Needless to say, my schedule is hectic, but my passion for helping others is the fuel that drives me,” said Marino.

Mike Marino’s first book, Campus-Preneur: How to Have More Fun, More Money, and Survive College Without Starving To Death has already received rave reviews and is available through his publisher Frisco Publishing. To find out more, Mike can be reached at (719) 406-9039 or (719) 240-0632. You can also email him at