American Weathermakers Ensures Customer Comfort with 24-Hour Heating and Cooling Repair

It’s the middle of the night on the hottest day of the year and the air conditioning stops working. No need to suffer through the night, however, because American Weathermakers provides emergency air conditioning service 24/7. In fact, an air conditioning technician will arrive within an hour.

“We are actually known as the 60 Minute Men because if you have no heat or no cooling we can be there in 60 minutes or we’ll give the customer a free $60 gift card for the repairs,” said Dick Hochschild, owner of American Weathermakers, which provides air conditioning repair services to Chicago and the northern Illinois suburbs. “We only charged a diagnostic charge of $89, the same round the clock, so people don’t have to wait until the next day for service. We have upfront pricing on all of our service calls, so people know exactly what the cost of repair is, and if you go ahead with the repair, we don’t even charge the diagnostic charge.”

American Weathermakers has been providing HVAC contractor services to the Chicago area since 1949.  Dick Hochschild’s father, Bill Hochschild, started the company.  Back in 1949, most homes were not air conditioned, so the business grew with the industry, said Hochschild. Recognized as a leader in the industry, American Weathermakers has been rated as the top 10 dealers in the entire nation as well as the best in the North Shore Services for the last four years in a row. The company recently won the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards through 22nd Century Media.

As a testament to customer loyalty, American Weathermakers still has its very first customer.  “My dad’s first customer back in 1949 was a man named Bruce Goodman who was very young. And today, 68 years later, believe it or not, Bruce Goodman is still a customer at his home in Highland Park. So he was a customer for life. And that would be our goal with any customer… to keep the customer for life,” Hochschild said.

The 24/7 heating and air conditioning repair service offered by American Weathermakers is unique in the industry. There is no need for customers to lose a day of work or have to change plans while waiting for an air conditioning contractor. “We never charge overtime and we never charge travel time,” Hochschild said. “We really believe that this is how the HVAC industry should be, because it’s just good customer service. Most heating and air conditioning companies charge extra fees, because it really costs them a lot to go out at night or on weekends. With American Weathermakers, it’s the same price 365 days a year no matter what time you call. And all with the same guarantees.”

Hochschild said many heating and air conditioning service problems are preventable. “The most common service problem is just a dirty filter or a plugged filter. They have a beautiful home, but they forget to change their filter. Our service technicians are trained to look for things like that,” he said.

American Weathermakers offers a solution for year-round HVAC maintenance, called The Comfort Club. More than 5,000 Chicago area homes are members of this air conditioning and heating maintenance service. Comfort Club members get a furnace tune-up in the fall and an air conditioning tune up in the spring.  “When the service technicians are out, they clean the condenser coils in the air conditioning unit. When it’s filthy, it’s covered with dirt and not operating efficiently, making your air conditioner work much harder and wear out sooner,” Hochschild said.

There are other perks to Comfort Club membership as well including discounts of at least 15 percent if members need to get their furnace or air conditioning replaced. If a Comfort Club member ever does need service, they go to the “front of the line” and get the next technician available. “Routine maintenance really pays for itself. Our members have lower utility bills and the peace of mind of knowing that their equipment is in tune and operating at peak efficiency,” said Hochschild. Comfort Club membership costs just $17.50 per month.

Homeowners considering replacing their furnace or air conditioning unit can call American Weathermakers for a free consultation. A technician can educate homeowners on their different options as well as advise on rebates available.

Check out the website,, which offers information and tips on furnace and air conditioning maintenance, as well as buying guides for furnaces, air conditioning, sump pumps, generators, humidifiers, water heaters, and other products. The website also has coupons and special offers. Customers can call their toll free number (855) 955-HVAC and a live person will always be there to assist them.

American Weathermakers slogan is “We won’t be comfortable until you are.”  Hochschild said. “I really think that’s appropriate in our industry and certainly our company motto and tag line.”

About Dick Hochschild
Dick Hochschild is the owner of American Weathermakers and is rated as the top 10 dealers in the entire nation. American Weathermakers is located at 341 Anthony Trail

Northbrook IL 60062. To learn more call (847) 509-7777 or visit them online at

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