Amazon’s Latest Product Is Opening The Door For Professionals To Become Best Selling Authors

Amazon recently introduced their “Short Reads” product that lets readers find stories, articles and books that can be read in as little as fifteen minutes. With this product, Amazon has set out to reach customers even during their downtime. Amazon’s Kindle Singles provides the content for Short Reads and the company’s goal seems to be to boost the sale of works that are shorter and that can be read quickly.

Amazon also hopes to highlight authors and subjects that don’t get a lot of attention otherwise. Amazon bills this new product as “great reads in one sitting” and Short Reads is opening up new avenues for writers who have something to say and don’t want to spend two years writing the next great novel. The short reads are typically 20 to 100 pages, can be either fiction or non-fiction, can be read in one short sitting and sell for very affordable prices. According to an Amazon spokesperson, “Many of these works were previously hard to find on the site and thus less likely to be purchased.”

While some see Amazon trying to occupy the limited downtime that we all have today, others see opportunity. One of those who sees how “Short Reads” can be used to create opportunity is Lisa Williams, Founder of Media Authority Marketing. Williams is a bestselling author and works to help others share their expertise by becoming a published author. Williams sees great opportunity for non-authors such as business professionals that have information that they want to share, but don’t know how to navigate the book writing process. Williams and her publishing associates are experts in helping everyday people become authors and even bestselling authors, and with this new Amazon product, there is now a greater opportunity.

Williams and her associates have helped create over 100 bestselling authors in the past eight months. Many of those authors reached #1 or #2 on the Amazon best sellers list. Williams believes that the best way to establish oneself as an authority is to write a book and have a book on the best sellers list which positions you as an authority. As she tells her clients, unfortunately in this day and age it’s not that important if anyone reads your book, what’s important is that they see that you have a bestselling book. That’s what establishes authority because they know writing a book, and having a best seller is no easy feat and sets you apart from your colleagues.  Amazon’s “Short Reads” opens up a new way to become a best seller by providing a platform for books that are shorter and that deal with topics that may have gotten lost in the plethora of longer books.

Amazon is making a major push to make these types of books more visible and Williams is taking advantage of this new area. Williams says, “As Thin Reads’ points out in its post on the project, Amazon’s focus on e-book singles suggests a push to make these count for a larger portion of Kindle sales, and my team is here to help make sure Amazon has plenty of eBooks to sell, from the bestselling authors we help create.”

Media Authority Marketing creates both single author and multi author books and also helps clients turn their books that are languishing in Amazon into best sellers.  These are exactly the types of books that work well for the new Short Reads initiative and Williams plans to take full advantage of this new area to help her clients achieve authorship and best seller status.

Short Reads is a perfect platform for local small business professionals, entrepreneurs, business coaches, speakers, doctors, lawyers, financial consultants, mortgage professionals and others. Creating a short book and having it featured on Short Reads lets patients and clients access the books or articles even while they are in the office waiting on an appointment. “How valuable would it be for a busy medical professional to be a part of an expert multi author book sharing valuable information in their area of expertise in a chapter, and have that book available for their clients to give or sell in their offices,” Williams said. “With the new Amazon Kindle Quick read platform a short but powerful book can be created with our help and not take away from the limited time these doctors have. Short Reads are the 21st century business card.”

Professionals can tap into their client’s downtime while they are waiting in their office, in between their kids soccer games or just reach a market of people out their looking for valuable information that they can gain in a short time, this is a great platform to take advantage of before it gets flooded. Media Authority Marketing has a unique process to get a book written, published and become a best seller. To learn more about how becoming a best-selling author will grow your business and create more opportunity for speaking engagements and higher expert visibility, contact Media Authority Marketing at

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