Alina Chmielowski Book On Elite Real Estate Professionals Soars To No.1 On Amazon Best Seller List

New York- New Life Vision, LLC recently announced that the book “Elite Real Estate Professionals, Top Leaders In The Industry!” reached number 1 on the Amazon Best Seller List, on the day the book debuted.

“Alina Chmielowski’s chapter was a vital and valuable contribution to the success of the book” according to publisher TC Bradley

“Alina Chmielowski is an amazing business leader, and I am thrilled we signed her to this book deal,” said Bradley.

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Alina graduated with honors from Drexel University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. This 5-year program involved three 6-month co-op assignments interspersed throughout the years of study. She was fortunate enough to work for such chemical industry giants as Rohm and Haas and E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (now DowDupont Inc.), as well as a local refinery. Following graduation, she was hired at Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. and earned her way to a position in the think tank of the company where her responsibilities included, among many other cool duties, evaluating the technical feasibility of various new technologies. For one of the projects, Alina was recognized for her contribution in saving the company over $9 million. Amazing results are the bottom line.

While she absolutely loved her high-paying job for which she had worked so hard to obtain, Alina felt the Lord calling her to homeschool. So that’s exactly what she did! She left her career behind to focus on her growing family and actively volunteer at church. Ten years ago, she and husband moved their four children from the woods of Pennsylvania to the palm trees of Florida and began a new adventure. At that point, with the children now in private school, Alina re-invented herself again, this time as a private tutor specializing in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and SAT prep. Because she was able to help one student dramatically improve his SAT math score, he was awarded a full scholarship to the college of his choice. Amazing results are the bottom line.

Always learning and growing, Alina was finally able to pursue her longtime interest in the martial arts, earning a total of four black belts in both karate and kobudo (weapons). One day, she plans to travel to Japan to train as well as experience their beautiful culture. To that end, she’s currently studying the Japanese language, including its four different writing systems. In 2015, she was given the honorary title of sensei (teacher) which is reserved for only the most dedicated and talented black belts. Again, amazing results are the bottom line.

Recently re-inventing herself once more, she’s now delving into the intriguing realm of buying, selling, and flipping homes in the SWFL area. Her appreciation for the Japanese language inspired the name of her real estate investing company, Sugoi Enterprises LLC. “Sugoi” is Japanese for “amazing”, and she believes all her clients deserve amazing results.

“Elite Real Estate Professionals, Top Leaders In The Industry!”” is available at Amazon: