Alexis Jane Creates the Coaching Package of the Year

“As women, every facet of our lives are deeply and profoundly connected. Feminine energy is now being recognised for the success powerhouse that it has always been, and I am passionate about teaching women to embrace this, in order to help them to ascend in every way – definitely in terms of success and finance, but that’s not even the whole story!

“We’re more used to working with masculine energy, which is focused and linear, and great for moving in a straight line. However, women’s lives and minds aren’t made of straight lines. They’re more like webs, with everything interconnected. When we try to stuff this wide, vast network into a narrow, focused tube of energy, it tends to get stuck pretty quickly. This is when you start to feel stuck, uninspired or like you’re just not getting results that you logically know you’re capable of.

“My programme is based around the concept that there’s this whole other type of energy that we’re told is the wrong kind of success energy. This is the holistic, all-encompassing female energy, which we tend to naturally use for nurturing and survival. I can tell you for a fact that it is transformational dynamite. If you begin to use this approach for success as well as survival, you will rock your own world – and that of everyone around you. No kidding, this stuff transforms relationships, helps you connect with your family and kids, even enhances your sex life. There is no area of your life that cannot be enhanced, leading ultimately to all types of success, including financial. 

“The world’s most successful women nurture every aspect of their lives, from their health and sleep patterns to their finances and relationship with their children, with support from multiple coaches. This multi-faceted support allows them to build pillars of strength in all of these interconnected areas of their life, inspiring excellence in every one of them. This is how women do it, and it’s different to how men, and women embracing the more masculine energy tend to operate. 

The world is set up for men to succeed in this way, which is a challenge for women. Remember how we used to laugh at Madonna in the 90’s, with her spiritual advisors and gym coaches? Love her or hate her, she was way ahead of the curve in that respect. Now the world’s top performing women have caught on to this trend, and this is exactly what I am offering to my own clients,”

While offering the services of a whole team of coaches including a health coach, a spiritual and business and transformational life coach, and a Kinseologist and ancestral healer in one hub, headed up by an experienced, multi-disciplined life coach may seem ambitious, Alexa is confident that this spaces on her intensive coaching course are going to be quickly filled.

A sample of the expert’s knowlege and skills available directly to members:

•Tailored fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching

•Business coaching

•Financial guidance


•Gut Health, Autoimmune disorders, Macros and Flexible Dieting

•Intuitive healing and developing intuition

•Confidence and public speaking

•Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

•Grief, trauma and limiting beliefs, especially those around money, love and other high-emotion areas

•Fitness challenges – mental, emotional and physical

•Family and ancestral trauma

•Alignment, relationships and prosperity

“I have no doubt whatsoever that I’m going to be inundated with women wanting to get to the next level. I have spoken to various clients about this, and it’s like a lightbulb switching on behind their eyes. They’re like “Oh my God, that’s exactly my problem! I don’t need to narrow my focus, I need concrete support with all of the things going on in my life. That’s the secret ingredient that will turn me into superwoman!”