Alex Wolk Shares Tips for High Converting Landing Pages

Your landing page should be the first and best advertisement for your entire site and product and should generate you thousands of hits. Continue reading to learn tips on how to generate those clicks!


The unique value position (UVP) should be one of the first highlights people see on your page. After that, your content should be simple and easy to understand. The actual content will vary, depending on what services or products you are selling, but should follow the same principle. You have less than ten seconds to convince the reader that what you are selling is worth them spending their hard-earned money on, so you will need to choose your content wisely. Do not give them too much information, particularly specific information, and communicate to them in direct terms. Explain to them why they want to buy your product or service and how it will change their lives. The perfect example of this is ANH Union Avoidance.


The layout for your landing page should be minimalistic and simple in its design. There should be a lot of white space available so that your product is instantly on display and doesn’t compete with anything–like a busy background. Make sure the font is easy to read and also that your page doesn’t take forever to load. Experiment a little, think about the customers you want to reach–web pages with high resolutions might not look as great on older computers, for example. How your landing page looks and loads on a mobile device is also a huge factor. Add scrolling blocks to longer landing pages, so viewers are informed as to how far they have scrolled. An app you might want to try and use to design your landing page is called Your Living Room Trainer. Find our example at My Way St. Louis House Cleaners.


When it comes to the images you display on your landing page, you should make sure that they are clear, high-quality images that convey exactly what you intend. Not only that, but they should be attractive and interesting–you want your customers’ eyes to be drawn to every image you display on your landing page. The photographer you hire should be able to take attractive, eye-catching, and high-quality photos of your product. The perfect example of this is Hummert Garden Supplies.


The identity of your landing page should be all about truthfulness and trustworthiness. You are not selling a fake product or service, and your landing page should reflect that. Your landing page should have testimonials and trust badges. Having this and press mentions, customers, and usage statistics on the landing page will go a long way to legitimizing your company. If you add logos of brands that you have done work with, make sure the logos are clear, but also put them in greyscale so that they do not detract attention away from your product. The perfect example of this is Renew Used Office Furniture.

A/B Testing

Once you have made your landing page, your job isn’t done–you still have to make sure that it works as well as it should. A/B Testing will give you a lot of useful information on how users are interacting with your page–what works well, and what you can improve. This testing, for example, can tell you how many times a video was watched or how often a button was clicked. Google Analytics also tells you what type of device your visitor(s) was using when they clicked on your page, how they found the page, and so much more information. This testing can be used on a wide variety of your website, from headings to buttons, press quotes, trust signals, graphics, images, navigation links, page element placement, and CTAs. The perfect example of this is Mackler St. Louis Tutoring.

Mobile Sharing

Mobile devices account for half of all internet activity. This means that it is very important to your business that your landing page load quickly, has a great display, and is clickable on mobile devices. The majority of brands in the business world have adapted to this, and so should you if you want to be among them. The perfect example of this is Peoples Counsel St. Louis Criminal Lawyers.

Social Sharing

Be sure to add social sharing icons onto your landing page. This is a fairly easy method that helps your customers share and promote your business with one click of a button. Make sure that you only put social media platforms that you know your target customer base uses on your landing page, to avoid cluttering up your landing page. An email forwarding option should also be available for those who do not use social media. A perfect example of this is Zone Ten Product Photography


Using embedded videos on your landing page can be a great way to portray what text and images cannot. It also can play on the emotions of people and make them respond in a positive, fun way. Video landing pages are an option you should consider because using embedded videos can be fun, bring up emotions, and can help catch the attention of a potential customer. A perfect example of this is PHC Home Health Care St. Louis.

We hope that through reading this article, you have at least a few ideas as to how you will transform your landing page.

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