Aioga Alternative Yoga Apparel Launches On Indiegogo

Based out of Seattle, Aioga is a yoga apparel company dedicated to breaking the mold for traditional yoga attire. With a brand identity founded on the idea that yoga practitioners no longer fit into any one particular box, Aioga is not only reaching out to long-time practitioners but also to those newcomers who have been reluctant to give it a shot due to the many stigmas and stereotypes surrounding yoga. In an effort to raise both funding and awareness for the brand, they are launching a new crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.

The company has a two-fold mission. First, they are committed to providing a continuous stream of online content intended to demystify and destigmatize yoga and to break down its many benefits to their essential elements, thereby making the practice more accessible, digestible, and attractive to a broader spectrum of personalities. Secondly, Aioga has created an edgier, urban-inspired alternative to traditional yoga apparel, each line designed specifically to be equally as comfortable in the studio as it is out in everyday life.

Jason King, the founder of the brand commented, “At Aioga, we believe that yoga isn’t an exercise or an activity confined to a studio. Yoga doesn’t start and stop on the mat… It’s a lifestyle, a state of being. And our garments are an extension of that idea.”

Beyond their apparel, Aioga’s online platform will not only connect individuals to the studios, instructors, and community in their immediate area and beyond, but they are also building the tools and resources to help people understand and implement broader ideas of health and well-being into their everyday lives. Integral to their mission is the fact that the physical practice is just one of many components of the system of yoga. Exploring everything from the physiological and biological effects of meditation and mindfulness practices to methods of self-exploration and self-discovery, the Aioga online platform serves to bring to light the various other, less talked-about aspects of yoga.

“The company name, Aioga – which is pronounced “I yoga” – is both a statement and a declaration. Life is a journey and an exploration from beginning to end, and we intend to enjoy the whole ride,” explained King. “Yoga is a vehicle to do exactly that.”

The company is currently looking for $50,000 to get the company off the ground, and have just launched their fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. The majority of the funding will go to the design and funding of the first line of clothing and the proceeds from that will be used to construct the educational resources on the website.

To learn more about Aioga and contribute to the campaign on Indiegogo here: