Advanced Hair Aesthetics Moves to New Location in Del Mar,CA

New office is centrally located to meet growing customers demand for hair loss solutions.

Centrally located in San Diego, Advanced Hair Aesthetics has chosen the Del Mar neighborhood for their new location.   The new office in the Del Mar is just north of downtown San Diego and serves all of San Diego county and Southern California.

Millions of Americans suffer from hair loss. The causes are wide and cover hormonal changes, medical conditions, or medications.   Family history is a factor and men more than women are affected. Stress, lifestyle, radiation, and age can also influence in hair loss.

Working with both men and women, Advanced Hair Aesthetics offers a wide variety of solutions for customers looking to recover or add hair to their head. From the beginning in analysis of hair loss and scalp condition, to highlights and hair color, AHA provides clients with help from a Certified Trichologist.  

AHA’s new office in Del Mar provides non surgical hair restoration services. Some hair loss in temporary as in the case of taking certain medications, or going through some medical treatments. Hair recovery is the goal in these cases. Services for recovery include laser treatment, and scalp MicroPigmentation.   Other hair loss is permanent, so a solution might be a wig or hair extensions and weaves. In either case, having a full head of hair is the goal for many people and AHA provides these along with hair loss products. It does not stop there as AHA also accommodates their clients ongoing needs by offering services in highlights, hair cuts, and color.

AHA was started by Melinda Galloway, a board certified Hair Practitioner of Trichology.  Her goal is to bring results to those suffering from hair loss. She has been helping people with hair loss for over 20 years. Galloway has been providing beauty and wellness services throughout San Diego since 1996.  Early on in her career as a cosmetologist, she saw a gap between the cosmetic hair service industry and medical professionals in educating, helping and treating hair loss. “Countless times clients told me they felt embarrassed, alone and unsure who to turn to for help.  I wanted to bridge that gap between medical and cosmetic in a partnership that will equate health and beauty for all those in need.”

She extended her studies in Trichology attending national seminars, conferences, and trainings to gain knowledge and certifications in hair and scalp disorders. That’s when Galloway opened Advanced Hair Aesthetics, to dedicate helping her clients regain and maintain their self-esteem and self-confidence by helping them to look and feel their best.

The new office of Advanced Hair Aesthetics can be found at 13983 Mango Drive #103 Del Mar, CA 92014.  They can be reached at: (619) 667-4247

Location Info:
Advanced Hair Aesthetics
13983 Mango Dr #103, Del Mar, CA 92014
(619) 667-4247