ActionCOACH Brad Clark Shares His Experiences On Business Innovators Radio

Brad Clark is an experienced professional who has worked in operations, sales and leadership positions over the past twenty years. However, his passion for mentoring and helping others was undeniable which is why Brad began to pursue coaching. Business coaching has in fact, brought Brad great success through ActionCOACH and to his career. Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio, Alicia Dibrell-Williams breaks things down as she questions Brad about his coaching techniques and his goals when coaching his clients.

Brad helps a wide variety of people from solopreneurs to more profitable businesses. Brad feels that every business could benefit from a coach as he asks if an athlete would ever compete at a high level without a coach. Hiring a business coach can not only bring your company great financial success, but it can provide you the skill set you may need to take your business to the next level.

Brad finds that time, teamwork, and money are the three biggest struggles that a business has. Because of this, Brad and his partners at ActionCOACH have perfected a six-step system guaranteed to better your business. This begins with an alignment process, in which Brad discusses key factors with the owner such as their goals and dreams both personal and business related. Then from there, a coaching program is designed to deliver those desired results. The end goal is to have a business operating without its owner ensuring the owner has more financial flexibility. To achieve this, Brad will work very closely with the business owner’s team because according to Brad, that is an owner’s single greatest asset. To Brad’s surprise, often the owners say that their customers are their greatest asset. However, at ActionCOACH, they believe that the owner should support the team, the team should support the customers, and then in return, the customers will support the business through their purchases.

ActionCOACH also focuses on fourteen points of culture. Brad mentions that these are not just a list of traits but a way of life. They seek to change the mindset of the owner and their team so that both are working as a cohesive group to accomplish a clearly defined goal. By implementing the phrase “Test and measure” from start to finish, Brad ensures that the right solutions will be discovered for any problems the business may be experiencing. Often owners expect to make one massive change and see the results they desire, however, it often takes many little changes to cover the full spectrum.

To help Brad figure out if he is the right man for your business, he encourages a complimentary one to a two-hour business diagnostic session to address three very important questions. First, is the investment, financially, emotional and physically, going to be recovered quickly? A company wants to make sure that they are going to have a quick return on their investment. Second, will using a coach help me achieve my goals faster than if I was attempting on my own? Lastly, will the coach and the company have fun working together? Brad wants businesses to be fun for the owner because essentially their passion for the company is why they invested initially.

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