According to Ryan Murray, Marketing Matters

Business coach, public speaker, entrepreneur, and now Amazon bestselling author Ryan Murray has just released a new Kindle edition of his how-to book titled Start-up Marketing: Unconventional, Simple, Brilliant. Murray has taken top spots in the categories of Business Operations Research, Operations Research, and Small Business Sales and Selling. Murray’s book is intended to be a road map for those who have already taken the plunge and began running their own start-up business as well as those who are contemplating stepping up and chasing their dreams of self-employment and entrepreneurship. Murray’s book never intends to try and discourage people from becoming entrepreneurs, but instead the focus of Murray’s book is to provide his readers with a simple yet effect way to launch a business as well as furnishing readers with methods to overcome or avoid many of the problems new companies commonly encounter.

Ryan Murray’s Background

Ryan Murray has developed a solid working knowledge of the process of starting businesses by way of receiving an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah along with years of practical experience that began with volunteer business coaching work while he was still in college. Since graduating from college, Murray has worked as a regional business director for Utah State University’s Small Business Development Program in the Southeastern region of Utah. In addition to working as a regional small business developer, since 2014 Murray has also been running his own company, Success Principles and is the founder of The Five Disciples of Marketing, a comprehensive marketing training program for small business entrepreneurs.

Common Problems Faced by New Businesses

After years of working with small business owners, Murray noted a definite pattern emerging concerning the place where his clients were having trouble. “Of all the questions I have been asked over the years, most of them are questions about marketing,” notes Murray. When analyzing the problems many small business owners face with marketing Murray has observed, “There is tons of information out there about starting and running a small business, but when it comes to marketing small business owners are still in the dark as to what really works. When they want to improve their marketing, it seems many startups resort to guess work. It becomes a game of trial and error which unfortunately leads to errors and lost revenue.”

What Murry Recommends

Murray believes that creating an effective marketing strategy is not based on focusing solely on advertising, but instead on addressing larger marketing strategies. As Murray notes, “Marketing is everything you do to grow your business from creating a competitive advantage to correctly identifying your target markets to knowing which products will sell in which marketing areas”.  Concerning small businesses spending money on advertising, Murray notes, “They just focus on all the ways they advertise their business, without realizing that advertising is just a small piece of the marketing pie. In fact, it isn’t even a necessary piece for many small businesses. There are many successful small businesses that manage to have a great marketing strategy without focusing on traditional advertising”. As S. Swinburne noted in a recent book review posted on “The discussion on the difference between marketing and advertising is worth the read alone”.

Alicia Dibrell

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