A Fresh Look At Being Tenacious Yet Professional

Recently, I received a review from a client, a first time home buyer, in which I faced multiple challenges right out the gate.

My clients found me online searching reviews and licenses. In writing their review after the closing they wrote, “She is the best on paper and BLEW us away in person…she resolved several issues that everyone told us are never resolved (like a wrong appraisal, motivating lenders, working with extremely picky sellers) until we got everything we wanted.”

I had to smile at this comment because many consumers think Realtors® do not do much to earn a commission. In reality there are close to 200 steps a Realtor® must do consistently in transactions, not including all the roadblocks or legal issues that do and will appear during the process.

Behind the scenes in this transaction, there were negotiations and sacrifices going on between both agents as they conferred with their clients to reach an agreement that made this transaction become reality. The biggest challenge was receiving an under-value appraisal. As agents, we understand the small window of chance of an appraiser acknowledging a formal reconsideration request, let alone changing their values based on back-up comps in your research. Almost next to impossible, right?

Add to the mix:
• 1st time home buyers disclosing after established contract dates they would be out of state and insisting they could look over and sign closing documents on their own without assistance of an escrow officer – changing settlement date was not an option…
• HOA requiring new owners to replace pricy items put in place by current seller not previously approved six years earlier
• Seller advising listing agent two weeks prior to closing that he lost his job, is moving out of state, two and a half months behind on mortgage payments, and has no money to bring to closing!

No problem to the fearless at heart! These were just a few of the many issues that cropped up throughout the transaction, all unexpected and resolved.

Needless to say, both Realtors® had to dig in their heels and take a tenacious yet professional approach, working together in problem solving in a very short period of time. Can it be done? Absolutely!

The client further stated, “I was shocked how instantly this woman responds and acts on every issue that comes up in the crazy house-buying process. She is a fighter and wins every time. She was incredible, I’ve never met such a tenacious hard working person in my professional career. She was personable and friendly always.”

Being ‘tenacious and professional’ is a skill learned through experience for Realtors®. Negotiating is essential in resolving issues and removing objections with positive solutions. It’s one of our biggest and most challenging parts of our job as Realtors® from start to close in any transaction.

Keeping the transaction as stress free for the client as possible is a mastered skill while paving the way to see the smiles and hearing those magic words, ‘Clear to Close.’