5 Good Career Choices for Immigrants

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Moving to the U.K. means finding a new career! Luckily, there is a variety of different job sectors that are understaffed and are actively looking for migrant workers to join their teams. See below for five of the careers that we think would be a good career choice for immigrants:

1- Nurse

According to This Is Money, nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs in the U.K. Numbers of people applying to be nurses has dropped in the last five years since the Government scrapped university bursaries for nurses, meaning that the amount of newly trained nurses entering the field is continually declining. 55,000 of the 1.1 million NHS staff are citizens of another EU country, so nursing (or a similar profession) is a good career choice for those recently who have recently relocated to the U.K. In fact, EU migrant nursing numbers have risen at a time when the numbers of British trained nurses have fallen.

If you’ve come to the U.K. with no qualifications, then there’s plenty of information online for securing a pathway to becoming a nurse. If you’re qualified in another country, you’ll need to submit a variety of different applications each at a cost. The total of these competency tests/applications is £1100-1200. If you’ve just moved and your budget is tight, seeking credit to get the application rolling may be an option – it is easy to find loans in the U.K in 15 minutes.

2- Engineer

Like nursing, there is currently a national shortage for engineers across the U.K. The engineering industry approximates that it has a residential shortage of 20,000 individuals. 53 professions on the Government’s occupation shortage list are related to engineering. At the moment, any individual from the E.U. can work in the U.K. without need for a visa or work permit but this may change over the coming years due to Brexit. If you’re about to relocate, or already have and want to pursue a career in engineering then there is plenty of information online due to the national shortages.

Once you’ve secured a career in engineering, it may be worth applying for a U.K. residence card as this will help you switch jobs and prove any benefits you might be entitled to during tumultuous political times as the U.K prepares to leave the E.U. These cost around £70 – if you’re strapped for cash following your move to the U.K, or have been unemployed while searching for a career then borrowing credit is an option. It is possible to gain access to loans in the U.K in 15 minutes or less – just remember to pay back in full and on time.

3- Hospitality

Working in hospitality is an incredibly easy way of securing a job once you’ve moved to the U.K. Many restaurants and bars ask for no qualifications or prior experience as all training is provided as you work the job. If you’re moving to a big city such as Manchester or London, then there is a wealth of opportunity for those thinking of going into hospitality. While the hours tend to be unsociable, the job itself is incredibly sociable – working in hospitality is a great way of making friends once you’ve moved to a new location. While hospitality is seen as a quick job for many, the high turnover in staff means that if you commit to working in one place and work hard it is often easy to rise through the ranks and make a career as a supervisor or general manager in a relatively short amount of time. Search job boards for hospitality work, or simply pop into your new local pub/bar and enquire about work. Many venues are constantly hiring and making the effort to go in and speak to a prospective employer face to face makes a good impression.

4- Taxi Driving

A popular career choice for those that have recently moved to the U.K. is taxi driving. Taxi drivers are in demand across the country especially in busy metropolitan areas like London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. With a multitude of new companies coming through (Uber, ViaVan) offering on demand taxi services, there isn’t a better time to secure a career in private hire driving.

If you’ve moved from an EU country and have had a personal driving license for 12 months or longer, than you’re eligible to work as a taxi driver! All you’ll need to do is check the local licensing requirements for your area, and undergo a DBS security check. Some councils may ask that you sit a separate driving test or undergo a medical exam. The licensing application costs vary across the country, but can be quite expensive. You may also need to provide your own vehicle! If taxi driving is your dream, then you may be able to secure some loans in the U.K. in 15 minutes to really get your career rolling.

5- Start your own business

Make your own career! Lots of people migrating to the U.K. are taking advantage of their new starts to build their own careers from scratch. From window-cleaning, to tech startups there is wide range of opportunities for those wanting to start their venture. If you’re considering a service business such as window-cleaning, consider equipment expenses and insurance licensing. If you’re thinking of creating a startup, then consider crowdfunding or quick credit (you can get loans in the U.K. in 15 minutes) to fund your new dream.

A job doesn’t have to be just a job – it can be a career. Going into nursing will be an incredibly rewarding way to live, and there is a huge gap for migrant workers. The shortage in nursing is mirrored in the national shortages of engineers. If you lack the qualifications of either of these positions, then hospitality or taxi driving may be worth your consideration. Both will allow you to get to know your new home a lot better, and may lead to new friends and social groups. You may even decide to start your own business – what better time than when starting a new chapter in your life?

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