4 Authors Win Big In First Publishing Contest Co-Sponsored By Author, Speaker, And Show Host, Marilyn Shannon, In Collaboration With Microsoft 365

In March, Marilyn Shannon, best-selling author, speaker, and host of The Breaking Free Show, and Diana M. Needham, publishing and book launch strategist, along Microsoft 365 offered The Standing Ovation Award to authors who participated in the self-publishing workshop series and published their books by September 1, 2018. The award package is valued at over $2500. The following four winners were announced on September 6th.

Jessica Bryan of Chapel Hill, NC. Bryan has written over 29 books from fiction to non-fiction, fantasy, juvenile stories, children’s books, adult supernatural thrillers, and young adult action adventures. Many of her books are humorous works and even her series on caregiving bring smiles and laughter through the tears.

Bryan was recently accepted into the group AlzAuthors, an organization focused on raising awareness, reducing stigma and lending support to those whose lives have been touched by dementia. Her book entry for this contest is “The Memory Keeper,” in which she shares her journey as she copes with her mother’s advanced Alzheimer’s Disease and times spent together while watching her mother’s memories disappear in the haze of dementia. She uses coping mechanisms such as humor, meditation, and blogging to help her handle her emotions while offering unexpected laughter and great practical suggestions to the reader. It is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. 

Susan Joy Schleef of Chicago IL. With a degree in secondary education and 30+ years of corporate IT training experience, Schleef is the founder of Presentations with Results and host of Creative Marketing TV.

As an authority on visual content marketing, Schleef coaches entrepreneurs and professionals to create more engaging presentations, videos, webinars, and other visual content to educate their clients and move them to action. Her book entry for this contest is “Get Your Message Into Their Brains: Neuromarketing Secrets for Content Marketers”, now available on Amazon. 

Pooja Chilukuri of Cary, NC. Chilukuri is a nutritional therapy practitioner, wellness educator, and health coach. Chilukuri’s memoir, “And Then There Was Jesus”, published in 2015, recounts her journey from India to the USA, from Hinduism to Christianity to (almost) atheism, and a subsequent chance encounter with Jesus.

Her newest book, “Once There Was Jesus”, is her book entry for this contest. In it, Chilukuri reconstructs the eye witness accounts of Jesus’ life into narrative poems told from the perspectives of the various supporting characters in the gospel stories.  It is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and print versions. 

Rebecca Bryan-Howell of Meridian, Idaho. Howell, a writer of poetry, songs, and stories from age fourteen, also writes inspirational articles and Christian study materials to encourage readers on the path of life. Howell takes the common elements of the family circle, church life, friendship and community to create artful and inspiring pieces that make a lasting difference.

Her latest book, “A Song in the Night”, is her entry in this contest. It is her mother’s charming, yet challenging, life story.  A daughter of Idaho homesteaders and granddaughter of Old West pioneers, her experiences and perspectives inspire others to cherish happy memories, stand through the storms, and choose hope in the face of despair. It is now available in e-book and print versions on Amazon. 

Commenting on the contest and the winners, award co-sponsor Marilyn Shannon explains, “The Standing Ovation award for self-published authors is the first contest of its kind. We are thrilled to watch these four workshop participants not only embrace and take on the challenge but make a big difference in the world with their powerful messages”.

About Marilyn Shannon

Marilyn Shannon is a devout optimist, an author, communications coach, journalist, radio and online TV host and a speaker. In 2010, she founded Women’s Power Networking, a women’s networking organization dedicated to enabling professional women to achieve their highest potential by building alliances, sharing knowledge and providing support.

Shannon believes by taking a little time to listen, share, and understand we will live in peace. Her best-selling book, “In Just One Afternoon – Listening into the Hearts of Men” is the first in an ongoing series of intimate interviews. Her second book, devoted to the lives and relationships of twins, has been released and her third book focusing on millennials will be released soon.

Shannon holds a degree in Communications and Public Speaking from Syracuse University. To learn more, visit her website or contact her by phone at  (919) 362-7133.