3 Day HURRICANE IAN TELETHON On Traverse TV By Jo Dee Baer Helping Raise A Million Dollars

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A three-day telethon on October 22nd and then November.17th -18th from noon to midnight ET time each day to raise money to provide aid to those in Florida affected by Hurricane Ian.

This live event will be Featuring 80+ speakers and testimonials of hope, this three-day telethon aims to provide inspiration during dark times and create a beacon of hope for those affected by the hurricane. If you want to help those in need rebuild their lives after the devastation of Hurricane Ian, you are invited to attend the Hurricane Relief Fund Telethon and donate to the fund.

If anybody wants to take things one step further, they can help those in need as a speaker at the telethon to help inspire and Ignite the lives of others while directly supporting those affected by the hurricane. As an Ignite community member who knows the inspirational power of a story, we know your impact will Ignite others. This is an excellent opportunity to Ignite Humanity and use your skills as a speaker to help a good cause.

Become one of those Humanitarian Efforts in Hurricane Ian Support by going to to www.hurricaneian.world or www.gofundme.com/f/gsgnd-hurricane-ian-telethon-aid-for-florida

In this time of turmoil, uncertainty, and instability—It’s more important than ever that real people band together in one accord for a cause. This IS the cause, and the time is NOW.

Here is an article in Business Innovator Magazine promoting this event – https://businessinnovatorsmagazine.com/hurricane-ian-telethon-3-days-36-hours-live-televised-event-for-humanitarian-aid-amidst-devastation-in-southwest-florida-helping-to-raise-one-million-dollars

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