Our first live shopping show STAY FUZZY WITH ARISHA MAGIC™ will air on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND at 8 P.M. Eastern time.
We expect the show to last about an hour. Make sure to add us to your weekly calendar and enable alerts for Facebook when you do.

We will be using some super cool software that allows you to make purchases on any of our excellent show specials live on air with one simple click. Each weekly show will have many extremely low-priced specials; you will NOT want to miss it. We promise you that! Not to mention great information and giveaways.

Imagine QVC or HSN only on the internet with the best cannabis products on the planet. You can interact with live comments; whatever, join in on the fun and savings. To take part you can Pre-register before or during the show. Registration is simple; why not do it now?

Here is the registration URL:

If you have any problems, give customer service a shout via text at 800-518-1052. Pre-registering has its benefits. That is all we are going to say. If you want to maximize your savings, please pre-register before the Party starts. You will get an email and reminder before the show.

Then on Thursday September 22nd at 8pm est. simply show up and enjoy the show on our Facebook live and save a ton of money on your favorite cannabis products.

Shows will be on the Arisha Facebook Page:

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