Gloria Contreras Edin, Owner and Head Attorney of Contreras & Metelska, PA

Gloria is the owner and head attorney of Contreras & Metelska, a law firm in St. Paul, MN that specializes in immigration law. Through her years of practice, she has advised on thousands of complicated and sensitive immigration matters involving clients from more than 25 countries in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, & Asia. She also has a great deal of experience dealing with state courts, federal courts, and federal immigration agencies, and has acted as Amicus Curiae in high-stakes immigration proceedings in various U.S. Courts of Appeals.

As such, Gloria is a zealous advocate for protecting the rights of both children and adults who face removal from the United States so that families can stay together. In addition to her work at the firm, Gloria also plays an active role in the surrounding community where she writes and presents frequently on immigration and civil rights matters, and has served on numerous state-wide commissions, committees, and boards in which she has been recognized for her outstanding service.

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