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DJ Walker: A Dream Student Athlete For Any College

DJ Walker isn’t like most of his peers. With today’s youth, it’s easy to find things to complain about — laziness, short attention spans, being easily discouraged — but DJ Walker isn’t like his peers. A senior at St. Genevieve’s High School in Los Angeles, DJ is the star of his Catholic private school’s basketball […]

Why & How: Start A Charitable Foundation – Meighan Ferris-Miles And Jonathan Miles

Can you start a charitable organization that fulfills a personal drive to give back? A continuing theme of being an entrepreneur is knowing we’ll face unexpected challenges; but what happens when those challenges are traumatic soul-wrenching experiences that change the way you look at everything? For many entrepreneurs, when everything they believe in and rely […]

How Amy Recinos Rekindled Her Love Of Baking Into A Booming Custom Cake Business

Amy’s Creative Cakes of Quakertown is making a name for itself in the cake decorating world and is becoming known for not only delicious, but beautifully created cakes and desserts. Since opening in 2006, Amy’s Creative Cakes has participated on a national level in both cake and cookie competitions and has won countless awards including […]

David Hoffmeister, A Course In Miracles Expert, Offers 30 Day Gift

Starting August 24th, A Course in Miracles expert and author, David Hoffmeister and his team at Living Miracles Center are inviting friends from around the world to follow a 30 day class that offers relief from old patterns of doubt, stress, and anxiety from their lives. The online classes cover a new subject every Monday. The […]

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