Cancer Survivor Advocates Wig Boutique In Fayetteville NC For Chemo Patients

Joann Yost has a story involving death, desertion, passion and victory which is way too large for this article. One day she may write a book. For now though, she will focus on developing a business project which stems from her vision formulated during her time spent in a chemo chair. 

Yost has opened Perruque (pear*reek) Boutique, a unique wig, head cover, scarf and chemo-functional shirt emporium in Fayetteville NC.

The store was launched to help women in chemo therapy to feel better by helping them look better as they struggle through a strenuous ordeal.

Joann is a Stage 2a breast cancer survivor, a Gold Star Surviving Spouse and mother of two. Her journey through cancer is similar to that experienced by many women all over the globe who are in the fight of their lives.

And it’s not just chemo patients, but also any woman who has suffered hair loss for any reason at all. Perruque Boutique is a resource which provides an update to a popular theme of smart looking head covers, scarves, wigs and more. While the website is being developed, a glimpse of the styles and offerings are available on the Perruque Boutique Facebook page located at the online business address.

Now local women in Fayetteville NC, Fort Bragg NC and surrounding counties have a great new resource to share their stories, situations and find a way to recapture some of the beauty reduced by their illness.

Yost explains her vision this way, “After sitting in a chemo chair, I have found I am braver, bolder, and more determined to live the life I have been blessed to live. Part of my goal with the wig boutique is to provide a private place and time for people to redefine their outward expression of themselves. I’ve been there and I appreciate what they are going through. I found that this method helped me and it will help them too.” 

Perruque Boutique is a brick-and-mortar representation of the vision she had in her head during her own chemotherapy treatment. She has taken great care and deliberation in creating a comfortable and stylish environment suitable for all her clients, but especially those enduring chemo.

Along with the wigs, head covers, bracelets and scarves available at the boutique, are several well-known brands. One prominent one is the chemo-friendly Redefined Courage line, which apparel is constructed containing pockets to accommodate ports, lines and other treatment related issues.

Mary Kay Director Karen Link was impressed, “I was curious about the Perruque Boutique sign and went in to visit. What a unique concept! The owner, Joann, welcomed me and introduced the variety of wigs and other items focused on those going through chemotherapy. The shop itself is calming, comfortable, appealing and very well-designed. People will be surprised!“

Perruque Boutique is located in Boone Trail Shopping Center off of Village Drive in Fayetteville NC around the corner from Fayetteville Hyperbarics. The store is open six days a week with browsing available anytime and fittings by appointment.

Perruque Boutique
3037F  Ste 2 Boone Trail Ext 
Fayetteville NC 28304
(910) 758-8644

Don Matheson

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