Adoption Professional Meg Roebling Launches New Online Service Helping People Wanting To Adopt.

Meg Roebling, CEO of out of Brooklyn, NY launches a breakthrough online marketing resource that brings together potential adoptive parents and expectant mothers looking to place children for adoption.

“At Reach Adoption we help adoptive families by shortening their search, saving them time, energy and excessive expenses while concurrently supporting pregnant women considering adoption with a searchable prospective parent database, education and a peer support network. We also provide education about adoption for adoptive and expecting parents to aid in the decision making process. We strongly feel that social media and online resources will play a greater and more essential role in matching adoptive parents and birth mothers in the years to come”

A study done at The University of Texas at Austin that assessed the attitudes and awareness of professional child welfare staff about social media and its potential use as a tool for the recruitment and retention of foster and adoptive families contained the following quotes regarding the role of technology and social media and its upcoming role in the finding of families and the placement of children in regards to adoption. These quotes echo Roebling’s statements on the importance of online resources and social media in the adoption process.

Respondents in the University study stated “Social media is not a fad – it is a revolution. Agencies should not be asking, “Are we going to use social media as a tool?” rather, they should be asking, “How can we use it effectively?” and also “We need to go where people are. If they are in the social media environment, then we are obligated to be there. Standards need to be established, but we need to get on board.”

The seed for Reach Adoption began when Mrs. Roebling was asked to create parent profile websites for some hopeful adoptive parents. As a veteran digital designer and developer, with a background in marketing and advertising, putting the sites together was easy. But then her clients didn’t know what to do next.

In her research, Mrs. Roebling found the resources that could help connect hopeful parents and pregnant women sorely lacking. Education resources were needed due to the confusion caused by conflicting information and the patchwork of state laws. She also identified that the learning curve for all parties was steep. She concluded that an online resource that provided the latest education for adoptive parents and birth mothers, with a simple user interface, social media outreach, strategic marketing and advertising was desperately needed.

The various online and social media resources that Reach Adoption provides enable pregnant women considering adoption to find qualified parent profiles and connect with them. It helps potential parents understand how they should advertise, how much it might cost and how long might it take. Reach Adoption provides a great digital platform that streamlines the process for all involved and increases the rate and frequency of happy families formed through adoption.

When asked about Reach Adoption and Meg Roebling, noted adoption attorney Heidi Conlin said, “Aligning my clients with Meg and her staff was always a critical first step on their adoption path. This collaboration not only gave them the advantage of working with an experienced professional, it saved them precious time and provided the necessary support to effectively embark on their journey. Meg’s web design, social media consulting and progressive know-how in targeting outreach of parent profiles is second to none. Meg’s personal passion and dedication to facilitating families through adoption makes her a vital contributor to any client’s adoption team. Meg and her dedicated staff work tirelessly to help prospective parents recognize their dream of making a child match.”

Mrs. Roebling also stresses that Reach Adoption believes that loving families come in all shapes and sizes so hopeful same-sex couples and single parents are always welcome. If you are an expectant mother considering placing a child for adoption or hopeful parents looking to adopt and would like to learn more about the process feel free to visit