5 Ways To Use Behavioral Psychology To Build Your Brand

You’ve built your business from scratch, established your niche specialty and connected with your audience.

So now what?

You want to take your business to the next level. Build your brand. Spread your message globally.

Huge global brands across the world separate themselves as industry leaders by connecting with their audience’s core needs.

How do they do this? By tapping into emotion.    

The following five marketing secrets utilizing behavioral psychology will teach you how to expand your business reach, expose your brand to new markets and attract new clients.  

Focus on Benefits

Behavioral psychology suggests that by focusing on how a product or service will improve your customer’s life will pull their heartstrings.   

For example, whenever most people see the infamous Starbucks mermaid they might experience feelings of familiarity, home, safety, comfort, a consistent welcome. 

This consistent experience engenders trust; something that will bring customers back every time.

Think about your business: What solutions does it provide? Which emotions do those solutions ease? 

Reframe the story

Take a look at your marketing materials.  Are the benefits presented in a positive or negative way? 

Let’s look at the glass half full example: One product boasts the benefit of containing only 1% fat.  Another the benefit of being 99% fat-free.  

Most people select the 99% fat-free option every time.  

Why? Though we’re talking emotions here, the brain rationalizes larger numbers in a more positive way. 99 is greater than 1 and ‘free’ is more positive than ‘only.’

Bet you didn’t think of that, now did you?

Behavioral psychology connects to specific emotions.

Once you know your customer’s core needs, you can identify emotions that they will likely respond to in your advertising.  

Take Nike, for instance.  MOST people want to feel healthy and strong; like they can conquer any mountain.

Their advertisements tap into those core desires by providing the solution: buy our sneakers and you will reach the top of the mountain. Wear our hoodie and you can weather any storm.  

Get specific with solving your customer’s problems and you will have a devoted core audience that will repeatedly turn to your products and services for solutions.  

Personalize your customer’s experience

Remember the days when you walked into a bar and everyone knew your name?

That still counts for a lot. Behavioral psychology tricks have been used since the dawn of time. We just didn’t have a name for it!

A small sound engineering business in Southern California grows his business by providing new clients with small, but personalized gifts. 

A beauty salon grows by word of mouth by taking the time to remember client names and by making every client feel gorgeous before walking out.  

Remind your clients that they’re unique

You know that club you’ve always wanted to get into, but there’s a long line? Once you actually make it inside you realize they’re nowhere near capacity and you’ve just spent an hour of your life on a sidewalk for nothing.

The power of exclusivity reminds people that the product or service your business provides is something they were selected for.  

They made the cut.  They’re special, better than most.

By providing your customers with a sense of exclusivity, you make your product more valuable, hard-won in their eyes. They will value it and spread the word. 

Now that you’re in the know

Now you know the secrets of the world’s top marketers.

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Evelio Silvera

Evelio Silvera is a messaging and business development professional, and the host of the Maximize podcast. He works with entrepreneurs to help them develop a compelling marketing story, acquire quality, targeted leads and achieve predictable business growth. Evelio is an best-selling author and acclaimed speaker and speechwriter with numerous national and international awards who has appeared on national radio and television programs and been featured in several publications. Learn more at http://evelio.co