5 Simple Insights For Developing The Mindset Shifts for Business Success

What’s the difference between the struggling entrepreneur and a successful business owner?

It’s their mindset!

The path to your success is all in your head!

It may sound strange, but the transition from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset can be tough.

That may contribute to the 80% of entrepreneurs who close up shop within 18 months of launching their business. 

However, some people have achieved massive success and so can you.

Here are some tips to make the mindset shifts that will empower you to grow your online business.

1. Remember Why You Started a Business 

When you launch a business, you have a vision of how you want to spend your time.

You don’t want another job. You want a more fulfilling life. Once you put in the work and achieve your vision, you’ll be living your dreams.

Think about what your life will look like at that point to help change your mindset.

Where are you five years from now?

You could be sunbathing on a boat on crystal clear water, exploring a family ranch or traveling the world.

Build on these ideas to write a personal vision statement. Post your statement where you’ll see it every day. 

Focus on this vision to inspire mindset shifts that will help you to achieve your business goals.

2. Connect with Online Entrepreneurs

It’s easy to visualize success when you see it in action. Spend time with like-minded business owners.

Study top internet entrepreneurs. Check out their websites and social media pages.

Hang out with other business owners in online forums to build relationships.

Sharing ideas can encourage you to create a successful mindset.

3. Create a Balanced Life

Having a successful business doesn’t mean giving up your personal life.

Your mindset should still include the need for reflection and fun. Schedule a few minutes each day just for you.

Practice meditation, prayer or enjoy quiet moments. Visualize living out the dreams you built into your vision statement. Keep up with your favorite sports and exercise too.

When you feel healthy and fit, it’s easier to empower your mind to change.

Your mindset should include why you deserve a fulfilling, balanced life.

4. Live Your Online Brand

As an online business owner, you are the brand spokesperson.

Build a strong brand and showcase it in your online communications.

Your social media pages, email and website content should include your branding.

Make it easy for your customers to recognize and support your brand.

Believing in your brand will create the mindset shifts you need to grow your business. 

5. Know Your Value

You are a valuable, sought-after partner. Price your product and services accordingly.

To achieve mindset shifts that will take you from employee to business owner, you need quality customers that can afford your services. Seek out prospects who need you and recognize your worth.

Don’t let anyone convince you to lower your asking price. If you come across bargain hunters, offer a polite “no thank you” and move on. 

Master these tips to take your business to the next level.


Evelio Silvera

Evelio Silvera is a messaging and business development professional, and the host of the Maximize podcast. He works with entrepreneurs to help them develop a compelling marketing story, acquire quality, targeted leads and achieve predictable business growth. Evelio is an best-selling author and acclaimed speaker and speechwriter with numerous national and international awards who has appeared on national radio and television programs and been featured in several publications. Learn more at http://evelio.co