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Chicago Corporate Photography– Brad Baskin is Capturing the Emotion and Essence in Corporate, Industrial & Commercial Photography In Chicago

May 3, 2017

I sat down with Brad Baskin, Principal and Owner of Brad Baskin Photography, a leading photography studio based in Chicago specializing in corporate, industrial and commercial photography, to dispel some of the misconceptions in corporate photography and share an inside perspective on sharing a message, story and feeling with photography in Chicago. In his 30+ […]

7 Reasons People Ask You For A Discount (and 7 Ways to Answer Them)

May 3, 2017

Inevitably as a small business owner, you have fielded the request from a “potential” client to discount your services… and if you haven’t, then you have not been in business long enough yet! Do you have to drop or discount your rates just to keep money coming in? If this is you, read on and […]

Renowned Leadership Coach Sherry Swift Adds another Feather in Her Cap, Becomes an Amazon Bestseller

April 12, 2017

Sherry Swift, an experienced Performance Coach, consultant, and speaker, is now making quick inroads as an author. Sherry’s recently released book ‘Grow into Yourself’ has recently become the top Amazon bestseller in business ethics. A resident of Southeast Michigan, the author discusses how intention, tragedy recovery and accountability can bring about important changes in life. […]

Business Innovators Radio Show Hosts Experienced Real Estate Professional Josh Ross

April 4, 2017

Josh Ross, a real estate professional serving buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords throughout the Greater Washington DC Metro area, was present as the guest in a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio Show. With over twelve years of industry experience, Josh has been featured in DC Refined segments, Let’s Talk Live, Channel 8 ABC, and […]

Certified Life and Business Coach Steve Barnes Shares His Secrets via Business Innovators Radio

April 4, 2017

Alicia Dibrell recently welcomed the experienced Life and Business Coach Steve Barnes to her popular show Business Innovators Radio. During the interview, Steve discussed how he helps and guides businesses and individuals struggling with different obstacles and adversities.  A caring and empathetic cheerleader for his clients, Steve is dedicated to helping all his clients achieve […]

Fitness Entrepreneur, Natasha Connell, Advocates Rejecting Normal And Transcending It!

March 30, 2017

Natasha Connell is the creator of Transcend Normal Fitness LLC. She does not believe in average, or in just fit-ish. She created Transcend Normal Fitness LLC, as a way to reach out, share her knowledge with people and help them to become the best version of themselves. Her process includes education, enlightenment and empowerment. She […]

Cothrine & Associates rebrands and opens its 4th office in St Louis, MO

March 13, 2017

Cothrine & Associates rebrands as “Cothrine Financial” and opens its 4th office in the past 6 months. Entrepreneur, John Cothrine, has continued his commitment to helping retirees throughout the Midwest by opening his fourth location in the past 6 months.  With its headquarters located in O’Fallon, IL, the firm will focus on serving the clients […]

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