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The Secrets to Effective Social Media Reputation Management

If people are talking about your personal or business brand on social media, you naturally want to know about it. In order to elevate your brand image, it’s important to maintain a good social media reputation. Why? Anything that gets posted online can either make or break your brand. Positive reviews build trust and in […]

Thought Leader Doug Kirkpatrick Wants People to Have Their Lives Back at Work

“Doug Kirkpatrick wants to give people in the workplace their lives back.” While the statement may sound bold, Kirkpatrick, an organizational environment expert, makes a strong argument against traditional work structures and highlights the damages of blind conformity in his new book “Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization.” Self-management, the respected author and […]

Business Innovators Host Tamara Patzer Celebrates 200 Interviews and New Show: Author Interview Radio

Entrepreneur Tamara Patzer, host at Business Innovators radio show, is celebrating 200 interviews with business leaders, innovators, and trendsetters. Business Innovators Radio, which has more than 1000 episodes, was recently selected as a downloadable program on iHeart Radio. Patzer,  who specializes in helping businesses and professionals get found online, contributes regular episodes to Business Innovators radio. Patzer states, […]

7 Reasons People Ask You For A Discount (and 7 Ways to Answer Them)

Inevitably as a small business owner, you have fielded the request from a “potential” client to discount your services… and if you haven’t, then you have not been in business long enough yet! Do you have to drop or discount your rates just to keep money coming in? If this is you, read on and […]

5 Ways To Get Prospective Customers to Choose You

In the world of business marketing, the strategic focus has slowly shifted from seeking potential clients to making them want to come to you. In other words, you as a business owner can finally forgo the drudgery of always having to jump through hoops to gain a client and instead focus on making your customers […]

Experienced Business Coach Debby Canarini Discusses Work-Life Balance and Much More on Business Innovators Radio

Business Innovators Radio host Alicia Dibrell welcomed Indiana-based small business coach Debby Canarini in a recently broadcasted episode of her popular radio show. During this interview, Debby discussed her highly effective techniques of helping small businesses achieve their full potential while maintaining the perfect work-life balance. The mother of four grown children, Debby Canarini has […]

Business Innovators Radio Hosts Strategic Real Estate Broker Christina Macro

Noted real estate professional Christina Macro was the esteemed guest in a recently aired episode of the widely-followed radio show Business Innovators Radio. During the interview with the show host Alicia Dibrell, Christina shared tons of useful information related to hassle-free buying and selling of homes. Christina was born and raised on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, […]

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