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Michael Ritter Of Great Lakes Heating And AC Offers Home Safety And Comfort Tips

With heating season upon us, Michael Ritter of Great Lakes Heating and Air Conditioning shares tips on keeping us safe and comfortable in our homes. Heeding his advice, homeowners can also save money on their utility bills. “What we do is save people money while keeping them safe and comfortable at home,” stated Ritter. Do-it-yourself […]

Mortgage Banker, Brad Roche, Shares Success Formula With Mortgage Originators

With more than twenty years of success in the mortgage and real estate industries, Brad Roche has packaged his mortgage origination success formula and system and is making it available to individual mortgage originators as well as to mortgage lending branch offices. Roche is offering a complete turnkey business growth system that is for all […]

Martha Boyer Overcomes Adversity To Re-establish A Thriving Real Estate Brokerage

Top producing real estate professional Martha Boyer has lived and worked in Willingboro, NJ for over 30 years. Her allegiance and loyalty is clear when she talks about the area; there is a love and appreciation for the businesses, parks, amenities and residents in the Willingboro area. “Within 10 minutes you can be anywhere you […]

Carlos Diaz-Sampol Of CADISA Brings The 3 C’s To Property Management In Miami

The business of HOA condo management in Miami can be viewed, not only as highly competitive, but also bears the task of overcoming bad press that many unethical property management companies can bring to the industry as a whole. CADISA Inc., of Miami is diligently working to change the way condo HOA management companies are […]

Luxury Real Estate Agent Explains Influx Of Foreign Investors To Los Angeles

As 2015 shows an uptick of foreign investments in US real estate, veteran real estate agent Angelo Fierro explains why Los Angeles remains a top pick. Since the Great Recession began in 2008, foreign investors have been snagging real estate deals across the United States at bargain prices. According to’s 2014 Profile of International […]

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