Austin Patent Attorney, Craige Thompson, Reveals the Secret to Achieving Maximum Patent R.O.I.

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On a recent episode of Savvy Business Radio with Christina Nitschmann, Craige Thompson, Austin patent attorney and best-selling author, talked about how to get your patent approved.According to Thompson, most people don't start the patent process in the right way. Thompson said, "It all boils down into one thing, what I call a 'point of novelty' that can be articulated in one … [Read more...]

Eldercare Expert Bob Mauterstock Offers New Guide to Help Financial Advisors Retain Current Clients

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Eldercare Expert and professional speaker to financial advisors, Bob Mauterstock, has released a new guide to help financial advisors retain their current clients called, The Financial Advisors Guide to Organizing and Structuring Family Meetings: How to Retain the Next Generation of Your Current Clients.Most advisers have been well-trained to do retirement planning, investment … [Read more...]

Personal Injury Florida Lawyer Reveals Steps To Getting Compensated From Injuries.


If you've suffered from personal injury through no fault of your own and are suffering it can be a very scary time.  Florida bar registered personal injury lawyer James O'Leano explains steps you can take to get compensation for your injuries and suffering.James says, "While the black letters of the law may have been designed with the general population in mind, there are many … [Read more...]

Brian M. Douglas Interviewed On Business Innovators Radio About Estate Planning


Brian M. Douglas, Esq., an estate planning attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, was interviewed on Business Innovators Radio by Tamara “Tami” Patzer about his latest international best selling book “Plan Your Estate Before It's Too Late: Professional Advice on Tips, Strategies, and Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Estate Planning.” Brian M. Douglas assists clients in all areas of life and … [Read more...]

Dean Renfro Interviewed About New Memory Starter Guides On Business Innovators Radio


Best-selling author Dean Renfro was interviewed recently at Business Innovators Radio by Tamara Patzer. The Business Innovators radio show features interviews with a wide variety of innovative business leaders, from early-career entrepreneurs to icons like Mark Cuban and Jeff Bezos. Tamara Patzer’s interview with Dean Renfro originally aired April 18, 2016 and also can be heard … [Read more...]

Charles “Walt” Wilson From Private Pension By Design Interviewed On Business Innovators Magazine Radio Show


Charles “Walt” Wilson from Private Pension by Design was recently interviewed on the Business Innovators Magazine radio show. The Business Innovators radio show features interviews with a wide variety of innovative business leaders, from early-career entrepreneurs to icons like Mark Cuban and Jeff Bezos. Mike Saunders’ interview with Charles “Walt” Wilson was published on April … [Read more...]

Bernadette Pughe, From TPD’s Portland Healthcare Connector, Is Becoming Bridge City’s Go To Resource For Healthcare Staffing


TPD’s Portland Healthcare Connector provides healthcare organizations in the Portland, Oregon Metro area sourcing opportunities with top healthcare talent in the region. TPD’s Portland Healthcare connector was created to connect qualified healthcare professionals seeking opportunities in the healthcare field who want a steady career path in the growing industry. TPD’s Portland … [Read more...]

Tara Burd, San Diego Civil Litigation Attorney| Proposed California Law Requires Bartenders To Learn How To Spot Drunks

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Tara Burd, a San Diego Civil Litigation Attorney said, “It's not that preventing drunk driving isn't a good goal for our legislature. But bartenders are probably the last professionals that need a lesson in the "social impact of alcohol." A new bill in the state assembly, known as the Responsible Interventions for Beverage Servers (RIBS) Training Act [AB2121], would legally … [Read more...]