Business Innovators Radio Welcomes Experienced Advisor and Women Empowerment Coach Kathy Alfaro

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Business coach and women empowerment guru Kathy Alfaro was present as the guest on one of the recent episodes of Business Innovators Radio. The popular radio show hosted by Alicia Dibrell features industry innovators and trendsetters from different fields. In this episode of the show, Kathy discussed her roles as a business coach, and how she helps them overcome fear to achieve … [Read more...]

Business Owner, Tim Staggs, Helps People Reach Their Goals for a Healthy Lifestyle


Tim had always been an entrepreneur. When he was in elementary school he was thinking of different ways to make money. It started with buying fireballs and sourballs in bulk and selling them at school for 25 cents. That was the start of his entrepreneur journey and from there he has had multiple businesses.Tim’s rise as an entrepreneur really started with a direct sales … [Read more...]

Lilly Ruan’s Miyako Rocks Asian Fusion Cuisine in North Carolina


Lilly Ruan is not your typical restaurateur. A North Carolina State University graduate in biology, she held a vision about her future restaurant.  Her dream was to provide an uptick in Asian cuisine that was unique to the Carolinas and more likely to be found in big cities like San Francisco or New York.  Inspired by her travels and exposure to traditional Chinese cuisine, she … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Brenda Howell Explains And Promotes Medical Massage For Patients In Pain

Brenda Medical Massage Fayetteville NC

Brenda Howell, owner and operator of Healing Hands Body Therapy, is a gifted medical massage therapist with good business sense. She has combined those two traits to open her medical massage clinic in Fayetteville NC.  The services provided there help to answer a challenge which is very familiar to the local community of Fort Bragg soldiers, how to mend the broken bodies of … [Read more...]

Helping Teens with OCD – 3 Step Road Map to Success


OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a brain based disorder, in which that the brains of people with OCD are actually wired differently. Understanding this helps to dispel misconceptions about what OCD is and how to help teens manage it.One in every 200 teens has OCD, so it is important to become educated about OCD and its symptoms in order to spot it and help kids to get … [Read more...]

Hyperbarics Is More Than A Breath Of Fresh Air For Fayetteville NC Business

Fayetteville Hyperbaric TBI, Concussion Staff

When one thinks about it, the most helpful inventions, businesses and social movements have come from someone’s self-interest. Not selfishness, but the internal tension inside someone that stems from an incident, accident or force of nature.In the case of John and Denise Mercado, the passion and drive for their business began with their son, Danny. In 1982 he contracted … [Read more...]

Melissa Mose, OCD Expert, Reveals Top Mistakes Parents Need to Avoid in Helping Kids With OCD


Well-intentioned parents often make damaging mistakes, unknowingly, while trying to help their teens with OCD.Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a neuro-psychiatric disorder that affects roughly one in every 200 teens. In time and with proper treatment, it can be managed successfully, but too many parents inadvertently make mistakes that cause the symptoms to get worse, not … [Read more...]

OCD Expert, Melissa Mose, Tackles Top Myths & Misconceptions About Helping Teens With OCD


The vast majority of the general public don’t realize that OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a neuro-biological disorder, which means that the brains of people with OCD are actually wired differently. Because of this, many parents have misconceptions about what OCD is and how to help children with it, especially teens. One in every 200 teens has OCD and taking the stigma … [Read more...]

Kitchen Coach, Tamzin Cochrane, Offers Advice on Becoming More Competent in the Kitchen


With our increasingly hectic schedules and easy access to convenience foods, the number of meals cooked at home is steadily declining across the globe.  The latest research shows that the average American family eats out or orders food delivery 18 times per month at an average cost of over $12 per person each time.  Additionally, there are also fewer “cooks” in our families … [Read more...]

Customer Acquisition Expert Matthew Loughran Discusses The Importance Of Dental Patient Optimization For Successful Practices


Matthew Loughran a best selling author and digital marketing industry expert has recently launched Dental Marketing Management a boutique dental marketing firm with the sole objective to help dentists optimize patient acquisition. A sought-after customer acquisition specialist Loughran’s agency challenges dentists to understand not all patients are created equal when it comes … [Read more...]