Michelle Wong New York Real Estate Agent – Win-Win Soulution For Investors And Home Sellers


Michelle Wong, a founding member of The WYM Group, a Real Estate Investment & Development Firm, talks about the innovative way she uses to approach clients and its benefits.SBT: Welcome to the show. This is Ole Didriksen, your radio host. Today my guest is Michelle Wong. We’re going to talk about how she helps her clients. I’m very excited to hear about what you do and the … [Read more...]

Matthew Miller Houston Real Estate Expert – Importance of Mentors In Real Estate Investing

Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller at Clever Investor talks about the importance of having a mentor when starting out in real estate investing which helps newbies avoid many roadblocks. SBT: Hi, welcome to the show. This is Ole Didriksen, your radio host. My guest is Matthew Miller, a mentoring advisor at Clever Investor. Welcome, Matthew.Matthew: Thank you. Yes, I’m one of the mentoring advisors … [Read more...]

Lia Spriggs Washington DC Real Estate Investor – Finding Trust & Credibility In The Real Estate Industry


Lia Spriggs, a Washington D.C. based real estate investor, Real Estate Strategic Consultant PN/NPN/REO Residential and COMMERCIAL/HOTELS Social Media and  Virtual Marketing Consultant talks about her way to success and how to find the right people to trust in the real estate industry.SBT: Hi, welcome to the show. This is your host Ole Didriksen. Today my guest is Lia Spriggs, … [Read more...]

Sara Golan – Brooklyn – Licensed Real Estate Agent Helping First Time Home Buyers


Sara Golan at Online Homes Real Estate talks about how first time home buyers can avoid losing out on their dream home, due to unrealistic expectations.Online Homes Real Estate Licensed Agent Sara GolanSBT: Hello, this is your host Lidia Didriksen, and today we have a guest, Sara Golan. In this interview, we’ll be focusing on the real estate industry. Sara, can you please tell … [Read more...]

Chad T. Collins of Authority Media Agency Recognized As a Top Industry Professional

Chad T. Collins Authority Media Agency

TopIndustryProfessionals.com, a website that receives nominees who are top performers in their field of expertise announced their selected group of award winners for October 2016 yesterday. Included in that list is Chad T. Collins, Founder and President of Authority Media Agency. Small Business Trendsetters had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Collins about his accomplishment. … [Read more...]

Award Winning Life Coach, Morgan Field ends Banner Year by Taking Her “Tribe” on a South African Retreat

Morgan Field Best Selling Author-award winning Life Coach -Empire

We are here today with Best-selling Author, Morgan Field an award-winning Life Coach dedicated to helping people learn to “Thrive” in their lives.  Her new book is just one way she reaches out to do just that.Q : Morgan, I know you are a huge advocate of self-confidence being the key to fulfillment in a person's life. Are we talking about shy people, introverts, or people with … [Read more...]

Claire Samantha Explains How Her Confidential Listening Service Works

Claire Samantha1

In this current day or digital connect and constant social media contact, it can be unusual to have a basic conversation with someone who is truly listening. When was the last time you felt really heard by someone?We talked with Claire Samantha of Phone My Friend about her new listening service and how she is addressing the too often unfulfilled need to be heard.SBT: Can you … [Read more...]

Todd Anderson San Diego Window Film Professional Exposes Myths About Window Tinting

Cropped Picture

Todd Anderson San Diego Window Film Professional said “The number one myth about window tinting would be that if a person puts window tint on their car, it's going to bubble or discolor right away .”Bubbling is a problem when people try to do it themselves or they use inferior products. If they are using a high-quality window tint to begin with, they don't have to worry about … [Read more...]

Michael Tamez Honored As The 7th Annual 2016 International Book Award Finalist


Author and Holistic Health Coach, Michael Tamez, was selected as the 7th annual 2016 International Book Award Finalist for his book, “Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living.”The International Book Award’s (IBA) distinguished panel of industry judges considered over 1,500 entries from authors and publishers around the world. The IBA … [Read more...]