Beyond Work-Life Balance, Laurin Seiden Wants You To Thrive In This Life

laurin seiden

Balance is about maintaining the status quo. It’s an inherently limiting concept. That’s why Laurin Seiden, lifestyle designer and founder of New You Development, helps women move beyond the limited view of a work-life balance and towards redesigning and rejuvenating their lives. She helps women discover the clarity they need to find more energy and passion for themselves, … [Read more...]

Shane Smith Tells Doctors “You’ve Earned It, And You Deserve To Keep It”

shane smith

Doctors who operate their own medical practice are no different from other business owners. They are entrepreneurs who must structure their business in a way that protects their personal wealth and provides for a secure financial future. Attorney Shane Smith of tells his clients, “You’ve earned it, and you deserved to keep it.” After starting … [Read more...]

Colorado Founder Of Bolder Bands, Amy Crouse, Is Making A Bold New Statement On Headbands With A Creative Solution To Keeping Hair Tamed

Bolder Band Headband

Amy Crouse, founder of Bolder Band headbands from Canon City, Colorado is making a new type of headband that stays right where you want it during a workout or while running. Bolder Band headbands started out as an idea Amy Crouse had after running in the well-known Colorado 10K marathon, "The Bolder Boulder." "I was born with some crazy, wild, blonde hair that would not stay … [Read more...]

Yvette Buhagiar, Mobile App Developer, Shares Why Having A Mobile App Is Now A Must For Businesses

Yvette Buhagiar App Budgie

App Budgie, an Australia-based start-up, helps local businesses go mobile by creating smartphone applications. App Budgie was founded by a husband and wife team looking for a new way to market their business. With the emergence of smartphones, they quickly jumped on the opportunity to create apps. “App Budgie is a fast, easy, and affordable way to take your business mobile,” … [Read more...]

Melissa Jacobsen, Founder Of Workplace OM In Austin TX, Shows Businesses How To Handle The Costly Problem Of Workplace Stress


Feeling Stressed? You’re not the only one. Stress is the leading cause of short-term and long-term employee absences according to the 2013 CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) headquartered in London, England and employee absences are costly. That’s why Melissa Jacobsen created Workplace OM. “After seeing too many young, talented professionals age before … [Read more...]

Embrace Life After ‘Death By Powerpoint’ Says Presentation Expert Lee Featherby


Lee Featherby spent his early working career pitching and presenting new ideas and products for some of the most well-known multi-national consumer goods organisations in the world. As a trade-off, he has had to sit through innumerable mind numbingly boring presentations by people with an innate need to impress with everything they know, in 20 slides. It was only after helping … [Read more...]

Ryan “The Hardcore Closer” Stewman Says He is Here to Save Salespeople

Show Up and Close Ryan Stewman

Celebrity sales trainer, Ryan Stewman, is addressing a need in the sales world with his recently launched Show Up and Close Program. After a few years salespeople stop showing up like they did early on in their career. This is due to exhaustion, negative experiences in past jobs, customer complaints and a disbelief in the product you might be currently pushing. Stewman … [Read more...]

Dr. Green of Green Chiropractic Explains Why You’re Wasting Your Time in the Gym

Dr. Greg Green Chiropractor

Dr. Greg Green of Green Chiropractic believes that strength is our most important physical attribute. “There aren’t a lot of physical attributes that we have control over. Your looks are largely determined by your genetics. But you can transform your body through strength and endurance training,” Dr. Green explains. “Over the years, I’ve learned that strength training is a … [Read more...]

Strategist Bryan Rider Explains Why Facebook’s Acquisition of Oculus Matters

Bryan Rider

How do you build a business where you make great money and can get a way for weeks or even months at a time? International business growth strategist Bryan Rider enjoys answering this question for his clients, and delivering results. Over the past 7 years, Bryan has sold more than $117 million in services and consulted with more than 200 business owners across the globe. … [Read more...]